Creative Practice

Waterfall House

    Project Type: Single Family Residence Location: Danby, New York Phase: Unbuilt Year: Summer 2013     The Waterfall House is a proposal for a complete renovation of the existing single family house near Syracuse, New York. The house, perched above 70 foot waterfall, lacks substantial heating and cooling systems, as well as the… Continue reading Waterfall House

Hsu House

  Project Type: Single Family Residence Location: Danby, New York Phase: Built Year: Fall 2010 Related Works: Mass Regimes, Green Building & Design, Inhabitat, The Architect’s Newspaper, DWELL, EnCoding Architecture, Eliciting Environments, PITA’15, Liceaga Award, NYSCA’13, Berkman Fund, ACADIA’14, IJAC’15, MRS’15 The Hsu House is a small home designed using passive solar principles to create an inexpensive, ecologically… Continue reading Hsu House

M-House System

  Project Type:Single Family Residence Location: Buffalo, New York Phase: Competition, Unbuilt Year: Fall 2009 Related Works: Inhabitat, M_House System (MONSA Pub)     The M_House System is intended for the rapid design and fabrication of ecologically friendly moderate size single family homes. It was designed for a specific site and climate of Northern New York State. The… Continue reading M-House System

Sandra Gehring Gallery

  Project Type: Art Gallery Renovation Location: Chelsea, New York, New York Phase: Built Year: Completed in 2001 Size: 650 sq.ft. Related Works:Young European Architects     The Sandra Gering Gallery is a 650 square foot space located in the heart of Chelsea’s art gallery district. Contrary to the prevailing minimal aesthetic of the galleries in the neighborhood, a… Continue reading Sandra Gehring Gallery

RR Residence

  Project Type: Residential Interior Renovation Location: Central Park West, New York, New York Phase: Unbuilt, Completed through CD Phase Year: 2007 – 2008 Size: 1,500 sq.ft.     The Reyes Residence  is a proposal for the complete renovation and combination of three studio apartments into a single family duplex in the Central Park West district of New York City. … Continue reading RR Residence

Flood Plane House

  Project Type: Single Family Weekend House Location: Oneonta, New York Phase: Unbuilt, CDs completed Year: 2003 Related Works: Young European Architects     The Flood Plane House house is a proposal for a low budget weekend house in the Catskill region of upstate New York. The house is sited on a 20 acre property in the… Continue reading Flood Plane House

H+W Roof Renovation

  Project Type: Residential Interior Renovation Location: Saratoga Springs, New York Phase: Built Year: Completed in 2005 Size: 1,300 sq.ft. Related Works: Young European Architects     The H+W Roof Renovation is a Victorian attic space transformation into sleeping quarters, incorporating an alcove window bath tub, bathroom and sauna. Space is organized around existing natural light sources and roof… Continue reading H+W Roof Renovation

Coney Island Parachute Pavilion

  Project Type: Waterfront Pavilion Location: Coney Island, New York, New York Phase: Unbuilt, Competition Entry Year: 2005 Size: 12,000 sq.ft.     The Parachute Pavilion is conceived around a serpentine ramp that emerges from the Coney Island boardwalk and transforms the geometry of a roller coaster into a spatial knot.  Materially of the overall system is treated as… Continue reading Coney Island Parachute Pavilion

Glantz Townhouse

  Project Type:  Residential Brownstone Renovation Location: Brooklyn, New York Phase: Built Year: Completed in 2003 Size: 3,800 sq.ft. Related Works: Young European Architects     The Glantz Townhouse is 3800 square foot interior renovation and sunroom addition to a traditional Brownstone row house in Brooklyn Heights, New York with emphasis on the main reorganization of Parlor and… Continue reading Glantz Townhouse

Art-Work-Art Museum

  Project Type:  Art Installation Location: Kunstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria Phase: Completed Year: 2001 Size: 1.5m x 1.5m x 5m   Art-Work-Art-Museum is a site -specific installation which questions the recent phenomena of the art museum as egomaniacal architectural  icon.  It ironizes the convention  of architecture as an all encompassing art.  This installation is simultaneously an… Continue reading Art-Work-Art Museum

Work with Others

  Convention Center, Adelaide Australia | T.R. Hamzah & Yeang | Design Architect: Dana Cupkova Grand Teton National Park Visitor Center, Moose, WY | Ralph Appelbaum Associates |  Design Architect: Dana Cupkova National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA | Ralph Appelbaum Associates | Design Architect: Dana Cupkova   Pier 11, New York City  |  Smith-Miller +… Continue reading Work with Others

Senyai: Big Noodle Acoustics

  Project Type: Restaurant Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Phase: Built Year: Summer 2017   Senyai Thai Restaurant is a small 340sq space striving to create unique atmosphere in the developing urban district of Pittsburgh. The ceiling, inspired by the vaulted geometry of ancient Thai architecture, incorporates acoustic and lighting performance into a contemporary spatial experience with… Continue reading Senyai: Big Noodle Acoustics