Art-Work-Art Museum

Project Type:
Art Installation

Location: Kunstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria

Phase: Completed

Year: 2001

Size: 1.5m x 1.5m x 5m


Art-Work-Art-Museum is a site -specific installation which questions the recent phenomena of the art museum as egomaniacal architectural  icon.  It ironizes the convention  of architecture as an all encompassing art.  This installation is simultaneously an artwork, a model of an art museum, and the space of the proposed museum fully  realized.  Recently art museums with their grandiosity and signature style architecture,  have become more important then the art that they house. Art-Work-Art-Museum proposes a work of art that houses a work of architecture that is generated from the entire history of art it contains.  It is a critical look at the  difference between art and architecture with potent visual residue that should outlast the museum in which it was exhibited.