Thermally Tuned 3D Printing


Project Type: Design Research
Year: 2017-18

Profile-3D-Printing explores the thermal design and robotic construction of high-performance, concrete architectural components, relying on complex surface geometry to actuate specific passive thermal behavior in buildings. Bridging an understanding of thermal performance, geometry, and manufacturing this research agenda suggests direct formal relationships between the behavior of airflow to tool-path planning for a robotic arm. This is an interdisciplinary research that merges two main lines of research inquiry into a more robust design-to-fabrication framework. Rooted in concurrent work focused on the design of geometrically actuated high-performance building components (Cupkova) and the robotic manipulation of soft materials for additive manufacturing (Bard) we propose a seamless workflow that combines measured thermal data and simulation feedback with advanced modeling and emerging robotic manufacturing techniques.

| PIs: Dana Cupkova, Josh Bard | co-PIs: Newell Washburn (Material Science), Garth Zeglin (Robotics) | DESIGN & FABRICATION TEAM: Cy Kim, Josh Kim, Manuel Rodriguez Ladron de Guevara, Christopher Childs | Project supported by Manufacturing Futures Initiative 2017 | 


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