Migratory Landforms


Project Type: Design Research
Year: 2017

Migratory Landforms is a project that explores land-building urbanization strategies inspired by natural sedimentation processes. Expanding on the protective phenomena of barrier islands formed at the cusp of the Mississippi river, Lake Pontchartrain and Black Bay, this project explores a large scale landscape expansion procedure for a changing planet. As climate-change precipitates the loss of habitable ground, ground-building and terraforming is becoming central to the design discipline. The urgency to urbanize and protect vulnerable coastal areas accentuates the need to interweave natural and industrial processes in order to robustly support urban and ecological environments.

| PI: Dana Cupkova | DESIGN TEAM: Colleen Clifford, Tom Sterling | 

| Award: d3 Natural Systems Competition Special Mention | Publication: ACADIA 2017 Publications, Project Catalog |




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