Indeterminate Set

Information, Effect, Interaction


Project Type: Installation
Location: Miller Gallery at CMU
Curator: Daniel Cardoso-Llach
Year: 2018

Computation is typically a prompt to the illusion of determinacy. Indeterminate Set was designed for the exhibition DESIGNING THE COMPUTATIONAL IMAGE / IMAGINING COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN, curated by Daniel Cardoso Llach. The artwork plays with the indeterminate expression of a singular computational code. The three individual objects, Flow Duration, Landscape Portrait, and Sentient Object, originate from the same base code but manifest a variety of differentiated effects. Through representational form, code becomes ambiguous, overwritten by the expression of each singular identity.

003.01_FLOW DURATION | DESIGN and PRODUCTION TEAM: Maranatha Dawkins, Colleen Clifford | 003.02_LANDSCAPE PORTRAIT | DESIGN and PRODUCTION TEAM: Collen Clifford, Thomas Sterling | 003.03_SENTIENT OBJECT | Co-AUTHOR: Daragh Byrne | DESIGN and PRODUCTION TEAM: Dan Cascaval, Josh Gy Kim, Ammani Nair | 




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