InterBreeding Architecture

Performative techniques for shaping the built environment
3_10 Interbreeding.jpg

Carnegie Mellon University  School of Architecture
Design Research Seminar  Spring 2018 | 12 units
Level  Graduate and Undergraduate
Instructor  Dana Cupkova

InterBreeding Architecture is a project based design-research seminar that investigates adaptive dynamic behaviors inspired by natural processes and biomimetics as a basis for design ideas. Students are introduced to computational design thinking and digital fabrication, using contemporary parametric modeling to incorporate environmental information into a series of recursions. The objective is to speculate about the translation of performative contingencies into objects, environments and functional morphologies informed by data sets and simulation. We engage in design processes in which systems’ performance metrics underpin creative exploration of organization and form. The seminar results in the design and prototype of an individually proposed project. Students are immersed in digital parametric tools and contemporary digital fabrication processes, including 3D printing, CNC milling, vacuum forming and mold casting.

| STUDENTS: Brandon Darreff, Yirui Wang, Yang Gao, Xin Hui Lim, Roshni Krishnan, Harshavardhan Vinjam, Yash Khemka |


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