Sustainable Design Synthesis [MSSD]


Carnegie Mellon University  School of Architecture
Graduate Thesis Seminar:  Spring 2017 | 24 units
Level  MSSD Thesis Seminar
Instructors  Dana Cupkova, Erica Cochran, Vivian Loftness

The Master of Science in Sustainable Design (MSSD) is a post-professional research-based graduate program focused on enabling deep expertise, critical thinking, and investigation of innovative sustainable strategies for the design of the built environment. It critically engages and investigates environmental issues related to architecture and urban systems at the intersection of building science, design, and technology. The MSSD program explores technical and multicultural aspects of ecological thinking, while enabling actionable expertise in sustainable design methodologies. The CMU Master of Science in Sustainable Design requires the completion of a capstone Synthesis project for the graduate degree. The MSSD Synthesis is independent work, built on course work and concerted research, data collection and analysis, bringing clarity and rigor to subjects of critical importance to sustainability in the design of built environment. Synthesis topics vary widely from theoretical constructs for decision-making, to field and lab studies with data collection and analysis, to educational tools, to computational tools and analysis, to design innovation, testing and prototyping. Graduates often select topics that build on their first professional degrees and MSSD courses, as well as areas of significant interest for long-term careers.

| STUDENTS: Amy Rosen, Fauzan Wassil, Shannon Iacino |


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