Waterfall House


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Project Type: Single Family Residence

Location: Danby, New York

Phase: Unbuilt

Year: Summer 2013


The Waterfall House is a proposal for a complete renovation of the existing single family house near Syracuse, New York. The house, perched above 70 foot waterfall, lacks substantial heating and cooling systems, as well as the building envelope is under-performing thermally. Using parametric day-lighting simulation we explored various geometric wrapping strategies that would engage the mediation of weather fluctuation, as well as create a new spatial programmatic organization. The day-lighting effects caused by the saw-tooth geometry would minimize the use of energy resources, create experiential lighting qualities, as well as support new interior spatial flows.

DESIGN PRINCIPAL: Dana Cupkova / DESIGN TEAM: Travis Finch, Michael Esposito, Chris Ryan, Sonny Eric Xu, Yeung Shin / TECHNICAL CONSULTANT: Andy McDonald CCC&M, LLC

Existing Condition & Daylight Analysis for Proposed Design

12_Practice_Waterfall House


Proposed Roof Designs & Solar Analysis

12_Practice_Waterfall House2


Final Design

12_Practice_Waterfall House3