Environment Form & Feedback I (B.Arch)

Constructed Riparian Ecologies
Carnegie Mellon University  School of Architecture
Design Studio: Fall 2014 | 18 units
Level: 3rd Year Undergraduate Design Studio
Coordinator: Dana Cupkova
Section Instructors: Matthew Z. Huber, Eddy Man Kim, Nick Liadis, Mick McNutt

Contemporary building practice tends to describe architecture as an objects situated in spatial and cultural field. Historically, architecture has defined itself as an autonomous discipline that develops form through an internalized discourse, responsive to both particular socio-political contexts and generalized trends in intellectual and popular culture. Ecology posits that entities that have thermodynamic relationships to other entities are bound together in complex systems of energy and information transfer: ecosystems. This studio focuses on introducing systemic design thinking that links the development of the form to performative processes such as: daylighting, climate responsive strategies, systems integration, water management and filtration, and construction and support of new natural systems. Moving away from the design of discrete city forms, the studio will approach the development of architectural intervention through the negotiation of a series of parameters that move across the different scales, and that give shape to the contemporary city edge. The Studio invests in the definition of architectural, infrastructural or landscape strategies that inform new potentials for actively restructuring the public environment with provision for housing system and water access. Inspired by systems research, this studio investigates the emergent condition of artificial nature created by hybridized building surfaces as they are exposed to engagement with different forms of biotic systems, while also examining how such conditions can enable design of various microclimatic conditions and promote larger ecology.

| STUDENTS: Gary Li, Kelsey Simpson |

| STUDENTS: Laura Gonzalez, Vidal Hallett Gabriel |

| STUDENTS: Mark Terra-Salomão, Kirk Newton |