Computational techniques for shaping the built environment



ELECTIVE SEMINAR: Spring 2015, 6 units

LEVEL: Design Elective Seminar

INSTRUCTOR: Dana Čupková

Ecology posits that all entities within a given system have thermodynamic relationships to each other and are bound together in complex exchanges of energy and information: an ecosystem. This seminar seeks to translate this dynamic exchange into a computational framework directly influencing design processes. Students will be introduced to computational design thinking, using contemporary parametric modeling as a method for incorporation of environmental data into systemic dynamic behavior and feedback loops. The objective is to speculate about performative architectural or urban systems, the morphology of which, are informed through design protocols that incorporate environmental data and simulation. We will engage design processes in which the metrics of the systems’ performance underpin creative exploration of organization and form. This exploration results in the design and prototype of a specific morphological component system.Students will be introduced to digital parametric tools and immersed in contemporary digital fabrication processes, such as: 3d-printing, cnc-milling, mold casting, etc.


Students | Juan Castellanos, Pradipta Banerjee, Cy Kim, Tommy Sterling,  Gavin Dsouza, Ashley Wong