DESIGN STUDIO: Spring 2014, 18 units

LEVEL: 4th & 5th Year Design Studio

INSTRUCTOR: Dana Čupková


In the context of the Integrated Systems Studio, coordinated by Prof. Loftness, this studio section focuses on designing Oneotel, an urban winery hotel in Ithaca, NY. Emphasis is on the integration of water systems that support an urban vineyard directly implanted within the hotel complex. The primary design challenge will be to use the repetitive nature of the hotel typology to develop variation informed by the logic of systems integration. The systems will be addressed by negotiating between the processes necessary to support the vineyard and guest rooms, and the desire for particular sensorial experiences that lead to creation of a unique urban identity for the hotel. Computational design techniques and fabrication strategies that address creative integration of water flows into form will be explored within the co-requisite seminar Synthetic Flows.Our goal is to challenge the normative character of the hotel type, while exploiting its repetitive typological constraints to generate a variable modular logic. Despite the desire for variation, we will also accept a need for repetition as a viable material and economic response to contemporary building construction and fabrication techniques. The students propose geometric organizations and test their aggregate responsiveness against the needs for integrated systems and the dynamic processes of winemaking. This studio seeks to understand modularity as a malleable organizational method which can generate systemic responsiveness and allows one to speculate about alternative models for temporary habitation.


Students | Johnson Pun, Dan Rapoport


Students | Matt Adler, Alex Fischer


Students | Lee Yan Shun, Ting Wang

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