35_Teaching_Oenotel Studio

CORNELL UNIVERSITY Department of Architecture
Fall 2008, 6 credits
B.Arch | 3rd Semester Undergraduate
Dana Cupkova

The Oenotel studio encouraged explorations with typological variations of the standard temporary accommodation type: a hotel, while at the same time incorporating the programmatic element of wine tasting and promotion of wine production from the Finger Lakes region. The City of Ithaca was an interesting site, as the needs for hotel accommodation vary drastically according to the season and academic calendar, thus allowing us to question the balance between a private habitation and public use of the hotel spaces. We attempted to challenge the normative character of the hotel type, while exploiting its repetitive typological constraints. Hotels are usually the product of standardized repetitive building models, often resulting in developer defined and economy driven solutions with little awareness of site specificity or local character. Despite our desire for variation, we accepted a need for repetition as a viable material and economic solution to the reality of building construction. We explored modularity as a malleable organizational method in attempt to generate a greater systemic responsiveness to any deviation from the standard and speculate about an alternative model of habitation, which could encourage a growth of public urban spaces for the community at large.

| STUDENTS:  Andrew Heumann, Peter Levins, Karl Tsui, Walker Smith-Williams

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