Littoral Adaptation

Adaptive Strategies for the Inhabitation of a Littoral Zone



DESIGN STUDIO:  Spring 2009, 6 credits

LEVEL: Design Research Studio

INSTRUCTORS: Dana Čupková + Kevin Pratt

The Littoral Adaptation studio is the fourth in a four-part series of collaborative design research studios with the main focus on computation, ecology and social systems. It is a continuation of the line of research examining component based sustainable assemblies. The purpose is to develop and refine a holistic methodology of adaptive component design in attempt to create an architecture that is tightly bound to the specificity of dynamic local ecologies while at the same time recognizing that contemporary means of production require a degree of repetitive process and material uniformity to achieve economic viability. Fundamentally, it is a biomimetic methodology, in that it seeks to exploit the malleability of flexible component assemblies that are tuned to the conditions that obtain a definite set of points in both space and time.

This studio focuses on the development of a minimal impact coastal research station through variable material component systems which address and adapt to specific ecological conditions. The methodology of design is based on a mode of working that merges the capabilities of parametric digital technologies with environmental data sets simulated through both linear and non-linear dynamic data modeling for the purpose of defining a new sustainable material form. The project is developed as a continuous negotiation between the macro systems logic and discrete set of parts designed by a smaller group of students. The final product is a single architectural proposition authored and augmented by the studio as a collective.


Student | David Bvoswidth



Students | Kyriaki Kasabalis, Danielle Sanchick, Stephanie Vito, Samuel Reilly


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